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What is TaxWeb?

TaxWeb allows employers to do business with Employment Security Tax through the internet. You can register a new business, file a contribution report, pay contributions, view payment history, update contact information and close an existing account.

What information do you need when registering a new business?

You will need to provide us with your Federal Identification number (FEIN), business name, address, phone/fax numbers, email address, entity type, date you will first pay wages to employees, and responsible party (i.e., owner, corporate officer, etc.) information.

What is a Federal Employers Identification Number (FEIN)?

This is the identification number that the Internal Revenue Service assigned to you in order for you to operate a business in the United States.

I have more than one worksite. Do I need to register all worksites or am I required to report each worksite as a separate business?

If you are a sole proprietor and you operate more than one business under the same FEIN, you will need to register/report all of those worksites under the same Alaska employer account number.

What is a NAICS code?

NAICS is an abbreviation for North American Industry Classification System. A NAICS code is assigned to each new employer registering a new business in Alaska by the Alaska Department of Labor. This code identifies what type of business you are operating in the State of Alaska. If you have questions regarding a NAICS code, please contact us at (888) 448-3527.

What information do I need to use the TaxWeb?>

You must have a valid Alaska Employer Account number, Federal Employers Identification Number (FEIN) and email address. First time users will establish a password that will be used for any following visits to the website.

I am a small business and only have a few employees. Is it worthwhile to use the TaxWeb?

Yes. If you are required to file quarterly reports, it is worthwhile. You will avoid mailing reports and payments. Furthermore, the system calculates the contributions owed and you will receive an email confirmation.

I am an accountant for many employers. How do I file online?

You can easily set up multiple accounts/businesses under “multiple filing” from the tax home page. Wage data can be imported into the software from your payroll software and sent electronically. Confirmation and copies can be printed from our secure website for the employer’s records. Please see instructions on how to create and upload CSV files

Do I need to send payment when I file my report?

Your quarterly contribution reports can be submitted without a payment. However, payment should be sent before the due date to avoid interest and/or penalty charges.

How many accounts can I have?

If you are a sole proprietor with one or more businesses you will only need one account. All reports for the same Federal Identification Number (FEIN) will need to be combined into one report for the quarter.

I am a reimbursable employer, can I file online?



I forgot my password, what do I do?

You will be able to retrieve your password through MyAlaska by answering the question that was initially asked for security purposes.

How do I unlock my account?

For security purposes you will have to wait one hour for your account to be automatically unlocked.

How do I change my password?

Login to MyAlaska, click on “Profile,” click on “ChangemPassword” and follow the on screen instructions.

I no longer use the same bookkeeper/tax preparer. How do I correct my account?

You will need to contact an ES Tax representative at (888) 448-3527 to reset your account.

Can I add additional users to my account?

The administrator of the account has the ability to set the features that each subsequent user is authorized to do.

How do I correct a report that I have already filed?

Please complete the Correction of wage form to amend a previously submitted report. This form is located at :

CSV (comma delimited) FILE

Can I import data from Excel?

This is very easy. Multiple and Single account instructions can be found at

If I make an error on my CSV file how do I correct it?

Do not attempt to correct your CSV file from Excel. Excel will change the formatting causing a frustrating experience. There are two options:

  • Use notepad to correct errors noted from the on-line reporting. Select “File/Save” and upload again through the web application (“File/Save As” will destroy the (CSV) comma delimited format). Once you have corrected the CSV file and uploaded it successfully, please remember to make the same corrections to your Excel spreadsheet as well.
  • Make your corrections to your Excel file and then create a new CSV file. (Opening a CSV file in excel will destroy the (CSV) comma delimited formatting.)

What do I do if a Social Security number begins with zero?

Format your SSN column in Excel as “text” or type a single quote (‘) before the number.


What is an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)?

An EFT payment allows you to electronically pay contributions due. EFT payments are posted directly to your account and you receive immediate verification of receipt.

How do I set up EFT?

To process an EFT payment you will need the Financial Institution (Bank) name, routing and account numbers. Pre-note is required the first time you establish a Bank with us so allow an extra 10 to 14 business days for processing.

What is a pre-note?

An initial EFT payment requested to be taken from an individual bank account will be required to go through a pre-notification process. This is a non-dollar entry that will take up to 14 days to complete. This process allows your bank to verify the accuracy of the account data.

My Financial Institution needs Employment Security Tax's ACH (Automated Clearing House) Identifier before accepting a pre-note from you. What is this Identifier?

Our ACH Identifier is 0000913000

Is there a fee for using EFT?

Employment Security Tax does not charge a fee for EFT payments. Contact your financial institution to determine if they charge any fees.

Will I receive a receipt for my payment?

An email confirmation will be sent after submitting payment. Payment information can also be verified from “View Payments” on the TaxWeb main page.

I have changed banks or opened a new bank account. How do I change my account information?

The administrator of the account has the ability to update this information right from the “user services” link.

I made an EFT payment and my bank has not been charged, what happened?

Please contact an employer account representative at our toll-free number (888) 448-3527.

How do I cancel a payment that was made in error? How do I get my money back?

All payments are automatically posted to your employer account and can not be canceled. Contact an employer representative at our toll free number (888) 448-3527 to request a refund.

Can I receive reminders by email?

If you choose to warehouse an EFT payment (auto establish to pay at a later date), you can select “email reminder” and set the number of days in advance you wish to be reminded to make your payment.

Will the ACH/EFT payment be a debit or a credit?

The Employment Security Tax EFT payment system is designed as a debit system. Your transaction establishes the authority to debit your financial institute for the amount you have authorized.

Is EFT secure?

Your banking information is fully encrypted, while stored and while in transmission. This is a secure socket site.