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State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES)

Alaska's Unemployment Insurance program is proud to offer the State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) and SIDES E-Response for employers to respond quickly and securely to information request regarding Unemployment Insurance (UI).

SIDES and SIDES E-Response will:

  • Reduce paperwork
  • Ensure accurate information exchanges
  • Reduce administrative cost
  • Eliminates postage fees
  • Minimize UI rates
  • Secure data exchange
  • Reduce overpayments and appeals

And both options are free of charge!

SIDES and SIDES E-Response are web-based programs developed through a partnership the U.S. Department of Labor and state UI agencies to simplify and streamline requests and responses for UI information. SIDES and SIDES E-response use a nationally standardized, electronic format to process UI information exchanges. Both options offer employers and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) a free, time-reducing, secure option to filling out paper forms.

How does SIDES and SIDES E-Response work?

  • SIDES – A computer to computer interface that allows large employers or TPAs who typically deal with a large volume of UI information data requests.
  • SIDES E-Response – A free website which allows employers and TPAs to submit responses electronically.

Information we need to set up SIDES E-Responses

When you email us at, please provide the following information:
  • Your business name
  • FEIN
  • Contact name
  • Phone number
  • The email address where you would like the information requests sent

Additional information:

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General information and fact sheets
SIDES E-Response Earnings Verification User Guide
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