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Unclaimed refunds

Do you have an unclaimed refund?

Unclaimed employee and employer refunds

Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Unemployment Insurance (UI) Employment Security Tax (EST) section maintains a list of unclaimed employer and employee refunds. Employers are issued a refund of the credit on their EST account when a refund has been requested by the employer. The credit is also refunded when the employer’s EST account is closed. Employees may be issued a refund if they have submitted to EST an “Employee Applications for Refund form with their W2s showing their withholding of Alaska UI tax exceeding the maximum annual employee withholding amount. The form and instructions for this form can be found on our Forms and Publications page under the heading “Employee Application for Refund.”

Refunds are considered unclaimed if the check has been returned to EST due to an undeliverable address or the check has not been cashed within two years of being issued. If you think you might be entitled to an unclaimed refund, click on the “Do you have an Unclaimed Refund?” link. Employers should enter either their Alaska Employer ID (EST account number) or Federal Employer ID (FEIN), and employees should enter their Social Security Number. If our database has a record of the search criteria entered, you will be directed to submit the appropriate Unclaimed Refund Petition form. The Unclaimed Refund Petition forms are also located on our Forms and Publications page under “Miscellaneous Publications.”