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Workplace Related Electronic Complaint

Who can file a complaint?
If the workplace is unsafe or unhealthy, any interested party may file a complaint. However, formal complaints are given a higher priority than non-formal complaints or referrals.

What is the difference between a complaint, a formal complaint or a referral?

Complaint. Notice of an alleged safety or health hazard over which AKOSH has jurisdiction.

Formal Complaint. Complaint made by a current employee or representative of employees that meets all of the following:

  1. Asserts that an imminent danger (serious hazard likely to cause death or serious physical injury), a violation of the OSHA Act, or a violation of either AKOSH or OSHA Standards exposing employees to physical harm exists in the workplace.
  2. Is reduced to writing or submitted on an OSHA-7 form (post link to form?) and
  3. Is signed by at least one current employee or employee representative

Formal Complaint Form

Non-formal Complaint. Any complaint submitted via e-mail and, any complaint alleging safety or health violations that does not meet all of the requirements of a formal complaint identified above and does not come from one of the sources identified under Referral below. Send non-formal complaints by e-mail to:

Referral. Information based on the direct observation of a Compliance Safety & Health Officer (CSHO) from sources including but not limited to NIOSH, State programs, consultation, state or local health departments, police and fire departments, medical doctors as well as safety and/or health professionals in other Federal or State agencies. This includes a complaint referral made by a discrimination investigator when an employee alleges discrimination under AS 18.60.089 for complaining about safety or health conditions in the workplace.

When should a complaint be filed?
An individual should file a complaint when they believe that occupational safety and health hazards need to be addressed through enforcement.

When should a complaint be filed?
An individual should file a complaint when they believe that occupational safety and health hazards need to be addressed through enforcement.
Why should a complaint be filed?
The primary reason to file a complaint is to ensure that occupational safety and health hazards are eliminated to improve workplace illness and injury rates in Alaska.

What conditions must be met to warrant an on-site inspection?
Complaints are assessed in terms of the severity and ongoing existence of the alleged hazards and the apparent reliability of the originator of the complaint to determine whether on-site inspection is warranted. If a hazardous condition is perceived to have a high probability of causing death or serious physical injury and the complaint originates from a current employee, an on-site inspection would almost certainly be justified. In some cases, due to accessibility issues in Alaska, on-site inspections may be more difficult to achieve.

How do I file a complaint
You may file a complaint electronically by using the links listed below or by contacting the Chief of AKOSH Enforcement using the contact information supplied below.

Can I remain anonymous when I make a complaint?
Yes. However, anonymous complaints are given a low priority in comparison to a complaint signed by a current employee. Complainants may request to have their identity remain confidential.

OSHA Directive CPL 02-00-140 - federal Complaint Policies & Procedures

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