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Division of Labor Standards and Safety

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Mechanical Inspection Section Jurisdiction

The Mechanical Inspection Section (“MI”) oversees installations of a variety of mechanical work to ensure public safety. The programs administered include electrical and plumbing installations in new construction; boiler and pressure vessels, in both new construction and existing installations; elevators, new and existing; and amusement rides, ski lifts and tramways, new and existing. In addition, the Mechanical Inspection Section enforces the Contractor Licensing and the Mechanical and Electrical Administrator programs.

MI has authority over new and altered electrical installations subject to the National Electrical Code and the National Electrical Safety Code. All commercial structures and dwellings of three-plex and above are subject to inspection; however in the Municipality of Anchorage and the City of Fairbanks, local government inspectors have authority through a memorandum of agreement.

MI has jurisdiction over plumbing work in communities with populations of 2,500 and above. Work is inspected to ensure compliance with the Uniform Plumbing Code for new and altered plumbing, gas, and fuel piping installations. Anchorage and Fairbanks maintain inspection jurisdiction through memorandum of agreement. Inspection jurisdiction ranges from single-family dwellings to commercial structures.

MI is responsible to ensure inspection of every boiler and pressure vessel in the state located in a commercial or public structure. The section’s commissioned inspectors or those commissioned private insurance inspectors authorized by the state conduct inspections of the 31,000+ objects are located from Anchorage to the smallest remote village.

MI is authorized to conduct periodic and initial inspections of every elevator, escalator, wheel-chair lift, dumbwaiter, tramway and amusement ride used by the public. Elevator inspection authority is deferred to local government inspectors in the Municipality of Anchorage through a memorandum of agreement.

MI is responsible for the licensure of 16 occupational licenses, including electrical (six classes), plumbing (four classes), boiler (four classes), asbestos, hazardous paint and explosive handler trades. In addition the section approves third party boiler, tramway, and recreational ride inspectors.

Under a Reciprocal Service Agreement with the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development, MI is the primary agency responsible for enforcement of Contractor and Electrical and Mechanical Administrator licensing. This jurisdiction extends statewide.

Contact Mechanical Inspection:

1251 Muldoon Road, Suite 113
Anchorage, AK 99504
Phone: 907-269-4925
Fax: 907-269-4932


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