Mechanical Inspection Section

Contractor Licensing Enforcement

The Mechanical Inspection Section provides enforcement of contractor registration and Certificate of Fitness requirements throughout Alaska. In concert with their inspection duties, State Plumbing and Electrical inspectors detect violations and provide enforcement of various statutes requiring appropriate licensure for construction related trades. Additionally, the Mechanical Inspection section conducts investigations of violations of Alaska’s Electrical and Mechanical Administrator requirements and forwards the findings to the Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing for enforcement.

The section’s Investigator conducts civil and criminal enforcement of these violations on a full-time basis, and travels throughout the state to conduct enforcement, outreach, and educational activities. For specific information or to make a complaint about a contractor or individual you believe to be unlicensed, please contact the Mechanical Inspection Section. Additionally, you can find a copy of our complaint form here.

The Investigator may be reached at (907) 269-4917.

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