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Alaska Labor Relations Agency Forms and Publications

The agency has forms available to assist persons filing unfair labor practice charges, representation petitions, petitions for recognition by mutual consent, claims for religious exemption, petitions for unit clarification, and petitions to enforce the collective bargaining agreement. Parties are not required to use agency forms, but the forms are provided for the convenience of the public. These forms can be obtained at the office of the agency by telephoning 907-269-4895, by email to, or by clicking on the forms below.


Forms List

Mailing Update Forms


Representation Services pamphlet
This pamphlet is a basic description of the agency’s representation proceedings and is available at no charge.

Unfair labor practices pamphlet
This pamphlet is a basic description of unfair labor practices and the agency’s proceedings if an unfair labor practice is charged. The pamphlet is available at no charge.

Pamphlet 900
Laws and regulations the agency administers. The most recent pamphlet was published in June of 2007 and contains the changes to the statues effective in 2007. (Disclaimer: Please be advised that this pamphlet is intended as an informational guide only and is not the official version of the Alaska statutes and regulations currently in effect. For the most current version of the Alaska statutes and regulations, please refer to the official printed version which can be found in public libraries and law libraries.)

PERA Status
The Alaska Labor Relations Agency has jurisdiction over public sector labor relations in Alaska. This includes all employers and employees of the state, railroad, university, schools, and political subdivisions that have not opted out of PERA jurisdiction. Here is a list of the jurisdictional status of political subdivisions.

Annual Reports

The agency is required by AS 23.05.370(a)(3) to publish annual reports to the Governor and Legislature.