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Informed Choice

You get to make choices in your program.

Some of the Choices You Can Make

You choose...

  • The job goal that fits your interests, talents, needs, and values.
  • How much help you want to write your employment plan.
  • The services you need to overcome the problems that brought you to us.
  • Who provides most of the services.
  • And you help decide how long you will be in the program.
How DVR Helps You Make Choices
  • Our staff gives you the information to feel confident when you face each choice. Think of us as your career consultants.
  • Early on, you and your counselor talk about the work problems caused by your disability. We call these your "barriers to employment."
  • Knowing your problems helps you and your counselor decide on steps to overcome
    them. It also helps you figure out what services you need to reach your job goal.
  • You and your counselor share responsibility for your choices.
Guidelines for Making Choices
  • Making choices in your program does not mean you can have anything you want. Your choices must make sense. They must give good value for their cost. And they must help you reach your job goal.
  • The job goal you choose must make sense, too.
    • Can you do the work?
    • Are people needed to fill this job field where you want to live?
  • You choose services because you need them, not just because you want them..