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2015 Alaska Economic Trends

Alaska Economic Trends are searchable from 1978 to the present using the Trends search page. The search can include any combination of the title or subtitle, date or date range, author, or full text.

May 2015 Caring for Alaska's Animals
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At first glance, animal care employment in Alaska looks a lot like it does in the rest of the country. With a similar mix of veterinarians, groomers, and pet store workers, it’s a comparably small slice of Alaska’s total job count. But Alaska often differs in what its animals need and what it takes to reach them.
May 2015 Trends

April 2015 Population - New Estimates
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Alaska’s population is in constant flux. Each year, thousands of Alaskans are born, thousands die, tens of thousands move to and from the state, and everyone who lives here ages.

The most recent official estimates put Alaska’s population at 735,601 in July 2014. That’s a loss of just 61 people from July 2013, but it’s notable because it was the first time in more than 25 years that Alaska’s population declined.
April 2015 Trends

March 2015 Foreign-Born Alaskans
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More than 60 percent of Alaskans were born outside the state — that’s more than all other states except retiree-heavy Florida, Arizona, and Nevada. While many Alaskans were born elsewhere in the country, an increasing number were born outside the United States.
March 2015 Trends

February 2015 Juneau Neighborhoods
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The City and Borough of Juneau covers 3,255 square miles, making it the largest state capital and the second-largest city in the nation by area, after Sitka. Most of that area is uninhabited, however, and Juneau’s entire population of about 33,000 is distributed along a narrow sliver of coastal land between its namesake ice field and the waters of the Inside Passage.
February 2015 Trends

January 2015 Employment Forecast for 2015
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Alaska is not expected to gain jobs in 2015, as the state faces downward pressure from low oil prices and tightened government budgets. Net job growth is expected to be flat after an estimated 0.3 percent gain in 2014.
January 2015 Trends



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