Mechanical Inspection Section

Recreational Devices

The section administers the state’s recreational device inspection program. All new ski lifts, tramways and amusement ride installations require inspection. Annual inspections are also required. The Mechanical Inspection Section certifies third-party inspectors to perform inspections at the request of owners. The section also maintains records of inspections conducted and conducts investigations into incidents involving fatalities or injuries.

Before the installation or operation of new equipment, the operator or contractor must submit a working layout of the equipment or apparatus to the Mechanical Inspection Section for review. The operator or contractor must arrange for an initial inspection prior to placing the device into service. When an inspection is completed, the owner, contractor, or maintenance provider is notified of the results, including any deficiencies noted at the time of inspection. All fees required for the inspection will be collected before a Certificate of Operation will be issued for the equipment.

Note: Please see recreational device statutes and regulations for specific requirements for reporting accidents or injuries.

The elevator inspection team administers the recreational device inspection program. Please contact them at (907) 269-4925 or by email at

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