Mechanical Inspection Section

Boilers and Unfired Pressure Vessels

Mechanical Inspection ensures the inspection of every boiler or unfired pressure vessel in the state located in a public structure. The section’s commissioned inspectors or those commissioned private insurance inspectors authorized by the state conduct inspections of the 31,000+ objects are located from Anchorage to the smallest remote village. The Chief Boiler Inspector ensures that authorized inspectors are qualified to perform inspections in accordance with Alaska statutes and regulations.

When new boilers or unfired pressure vessels are installed, the owner or contractor must notify the Mechanical Inspection Section using the form provided here. After an inspection, an inspection report, and inspection certificate are issued to the owner of the boiler and the appropriate inspection and/or certificate fees are collected.

Note: Please see Boiler & Unfired Pressure Vessels for specific requirements for reporting boiler accidents or injuries.

To speak with the Chief Boiler Inspector or request an inspection, please call the Mechanical Inspection office at (907) 269-4925 or by email at

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