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Annual Reports

The agency is required by AS 23.05.370(a)(4) to publish annual reports to the Governor and Legislature.

1999 Annual Report

1998 Annual Report Highlights

1997 Annual Report Highlights

Board decisions and orders

Board decisions from 1983 to present are now available for download from the agency's web site. Board decisions are also available by request from the agency electronically or by mail. The older decisions have been scanned into a WordPerfect format for an IBM PC compatible machine. The agency will provide this database of all administrative decisions issued under PERA and the railroad labor laws at no cost upon a request accompanied by the appropriate number of new, formatted 3.5 inch diskettes. If the diskettes cannot be provided, the database may be purchased for $75.00. The agency provides supplements to the electronic database annually or upon request with the required diskettes. There is currently no charge for this service.  Board decisions can now be searched.

Board members

The agency is governed by a board of six members who serve staggered three-year terms. The members must have backgrounds in labor relations and two members each must be drawn from management, labor, and the general public. AS 23.05.360(b).

Aaron Isaacs, Jr., Acting Chair Appointed June 12, 2000 Public
Robert A. Doyle, Board Member Reappointed August 3, 1999 Management
Dick Brickley, Board Member Reappointed June 30, 2000 Management
Karen J. Mahurin, Board Member Reappointed December 2, 1997 Labor
Raymond Smith, Board Member Reappointed July 31, 1998 Labor

Business meetings

The Board conducts business meetings in room 208 of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development building, 3301 Eagle St., Anchorage. A meeting agenda is available upon request to the agency two weeks before the meeting. The agency can accommodate requests to participate at the meeting by telephone. Such requests should be made seven days before the scheduled date for the meeting.

Fax filings

The agency will accept filing by fax, but the person filing by fax must then mail or personally serve the required number of copies of the document upon the agency.


The agency maintains a record of all filings. The record is available for review in the office of the agency, or by telephone at 907-269-4895.


The agency has forms available to assist persons filing unfair labor practice charges, representation petitions, petitions for recognition by mutual consent, claims for religious exemption, petitions for unit clarification, and petitions to enforce the collective bargaining agreement. Parties are not required to use agency forms, but the forms are provided for the convenience of the public. These forms can be obtained at the office of the agency by telephoning 907-269-4895, by email to, or by clicking on the forms below. The forms can only be viewed and printed using Adobe® Acrobat® Reader. Download FREE Adobe® Acrobat® Reader software.

pdfsm.gif (921 bytes)Petition for Unit Amendment
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Charge Against Labor Organization (with instructions)
pdfsm.gif (921 bytes)Charge Against Employer (with instructions)
pdfsm.gif (921 bytes)Public Employment Relations Act Exemption Claim
pdfsm.gif (921 bytes)Labor Organization Representation Petition
pdfsm.gif (921 bytes)Petition for Unit Clarification
pdfsm.gif (921 bytes)Petition to Determine Strike Class
pdfsm.gif (921 bytes)Petition to Enforce Contract
pdfsm.gif (921 bytes)Petition for Recognition by Mutual Consent


The agency maintains a noncirculating library of labor relations texts, including BNA Labor Relations Reference Manuals. The library is open for public use


A Hearing Officer is available by appointment to answer general questions about mediation and agency mediation services.


Pamphlet No. 900. Laws and regulations the agency administers. The most recent pamphlet was published in February of 1997 and it contains the changes to the statutes effective in 1996.

Report to Governor and the Legislature. The agency is required to report to the governor and the legislature annually. AS 23.05.370(a)(4). Copies of the annual report, published in February of each year, are available upon request.

Representation Services pamphlet. This pamphlet is a basic description of the agency’s representation proceedings and is available at no charge.

Unfair labor practices pamphlet. This pamphlet is a basic description of unfair labor practices and the agency’s proceedings if an unfair labor practice is charged. The pamphlet is available at no charge.


Agency staff are available to speak to groups about the agency and its programs. To schedule a speaker, email Mark Torgerson or call (907) 269-4895.

Tapes of agency proceedings

Copies of tapes of agency case proceedings are available upon request. Please call agency staff to arrange copying. Generally, there is no charge if the appropriate number of leaderless 90-minute tape cassettes is provided.

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