Student Summer Work Programs

We have paid summer work programs in a variety of communities. Most are 4-6 weeks long and provide students with valuable work experience. Program content varies depending on the community. See list of programs below for details.

Who Can Apply

A student with a disability is: an individual age 14-21 and enrolled in secondary education (high school) who:

  • Is on an IEP or 504 plan, or
  • Is a student who is potentially eligible for DVR services because of a physical, sensory, intellectual, mental health, and communication disabilities and whose disability could be a barrier to postsecondary education or employment.

Teachers Note: They do not have to be “identified” by the school district for special education or related services. Example: This could be students who have difficulties learning, or difficulties with attention or they are challenged in an emotional or behavioral way. This could also include kids who have been through treatment, involved in foster care or juvenile justice.

List of Programs

Click on a program to find out more information. including contacts.

Program Details

  • Access Alaska, Inc. - Fairbanks

    Provides students throughout the Fairbanks North Star Borough the opportunity to explore various hands on job tasks at over 10 local businesses, along with supplemental training on soft skills, career paths and independent living. While participating in one of two sessions offered, youth enjoy engaging with the community in a professional manner while gaining new job skills and practicing soft skills in a team environment.”

    Who can apply: Students, 14-21, that experience a disability who are enrolled in the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District or who reside locally while enrolled in home school programs associated with other school districts within the state of Alaska.

    Contacts: Meagan Scheer: or Christine Charron: (907) 479-7940

  • Anchorage Community Mental Health - RISE Vocational Program – Anchorage

    Students will be placed in jobs of interest where they will receive real life experiences working during a 6 week period. Employers are partners with RISE and the Anchorage School District. Each employer focuses on giving students a successful real life experience in a safe learning environment.

    Who Can Apply: Anchorage School District students who have successfully completed the Pre-ETS program.

    Contacts: Lisa McInerney, - (907) 762-8687 or (907) 891-0467

  • Arc of Anchorage

    Provides from school-to-work transition opportunities in a variety of settings including: landscaping, hospital custodial, limited food services, food supply delivery, clerical support services, and janitorial services water park training, introduction to the municipal hiring process. Participants will have the opportunity to learn and demonstrate the work maturity skills needed to be successful in an integrated community work setting of their choice.

    Who Can Apply: Students and young adults (ages 14-21) who experience a disability including, but not limited to, those with a physical, sensory, intellectual, mental health, and/or a communication disability.

    Contacts: Danny Parish: - (907) 277-6677 or Cathy Lee, - 907-277-6677

  • Arctic Access INC. - Nome

    Will be offering a Job Camp across the Northwest Region. Youth experiencing disabilities between the ages of 14 to 21 will have the opportunity to work at various jobs within their community.  Youth will interview for the jobs of their choice.  Youth can choose from a number of participating businesses, or can choose to work for the elders by group participation at the Community Garden.  The program will run from June 4st to August 24th, 2018.

    Contacts: Arctic Access and Denice Gilroy at 434-1682 OR email

  • Cordova School District

    Students will be placed in jobs of interest where they will receive real life experiences. Employers are partners with the Cordova School District in helping 504 students and students with special abilities gain work experience by helping each student gain an understanding of the hiring process and the work environment demands. 

    Who can apply: Any student of Cordova School District 14-21 on a 504 plan and/or who might or does qualify as a student with a disability under IDEA.

    Contact: Shane Hill: - (907) 953-7999

  • Family Centered Services of Alaska - Fairbanks

    This comprehensive program runs for a ten week period during the summer and serves 25-30 youth ages 14-21. The program focuses on gaining success in academics through our summer school program, social skill development that is woven throughout daily activities, and vocational/work skills to explore career interests and aptitude, gain personal skills (soft skills) needed to prepare for employment, and instill a sound work ethic and solid vocational skills by providing them with an opportunity to work in a paid position complete with benefits and responsibilities. Being successful at a job has proven very therapeutic for client workers, providing them with a positive employment experience while boosting their self-esteem and resume.

    Contact:To learn more about the FCSA/SSD Program, contact Leslie Tester, LCSW or Cheryl Williams, BA at 907-452-2109.

  • Ketchikan Indian Community (KIC)

    KIC’s Summer Youth Training and Employment Program (SYTEP) is an 8-week program that provides tribal members ages 14-18 and students with a disability ages 14-21 the opportunity to gain on-the-job training in a variety of local industries, matching students and employers for interest and best fit. The Summer Youth Training and Employment Program’s goal is to increase tribal youth’s job experience and have positive workforce behaviors for future employment opportunities. The program includes 16 hours of classroom instruction on employment readiness, career exploration, and financial literacy, and individual mentoring for all program participants.

    Who can apply: Any student with a disability ages 14-21 (Limited space - tribal members will receive priority)

    Contact: Katie Parrott, Education and Training Director - - (907) 228-9296

  • Lower Kuskokwim School District – Bethel and Chefornak

    Our goal is to train young people to enter the job market as a valuable employee equipped with the skills necessary to get a job, as well as remain on a job.

    Who can apply: Any LKSD student ages 14-21 with a disability.

    Contact:Ashley Crace, - 907-543-4870

  • Southeast Alaska Independent Living (SAIL) - Juneau

    A partnership with the Zach Gordon Youth Center, Youth Employment in the Parks supports teens while working in parks and on trails throughout the city, building skills as a team and discovering strengths and interests for future education and career goals.

    Who can apply: Students ages 15-20​ with a disability- IEP, 504 plan​, or who may potentially be DVR eligible.

    Contact:Mallory Story, or Kat Sprengard, - (907) 586-0104

  • Southeast Alaska Independent Living (SAIL) - Haines

    In partnership with the Takshunuk Watershed Council, The SAIL Haines Summer Work Program provides an opportunity for students to gain experience by working at the Starv’n Marvin Community Greenhouse and Garden Project, building and maintaining trails, and working on a public lands clean-up project in the Haines area. In addition to gaining work experience and developing employment skills, the youth will learn the importance of working as a team and discover strengths and interests for future education and career goals. Program Dates: June 3th - August 4th 2018 

    Who can apply: Students ages 15-20 ​with a disability- IEP, 504 plan​, or who may potentially be DVR eligible.

    Contact: Sierra Jimenez, - 907-766-3297

  • UAA CHD Tapestry Summer Academy - Anchorage

    The TAPESTRY Summer Academy is for any 16 - 21 yr old student who receives special education services under an IEP or 504 plan.  The program provides students post-secondary education, training, mentoring and support on the UAA campus and in the community.  Students learn work readiness skills, and are supported in career exploration and developing an individualized Career Plan.  Job matching with community host businesses based on the career plans leads to a paid community work experience.  The program operates from June 5 - July 31, 2018.

    Contact: Dayna McGuire; 907-786-6038 - or Ken Hamrick; 907-264-6235 -

  • Youth Advocates of Sitka, Inc.

    Students will have the opportunity to work in YAS's own youth development business, The Smoothie Truck, learning basic employment skills, while gaining customer service and food handling experience.  Additional opportunities at community employers are available as well."

    Who can apply: Any student with a disability.

    Contact: Matthew Jackson,